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Don't Get Bit

Updated: May 20, 2021

It is a beautiful afternoon and you are enjoying some time out on the patio grilling up some burgers for the family. Unfortunately your family is not the only ones that are eager to grab a bite. Mosquitoes are a common backyard pest that can make anyone into an indoors man. Do not let these tiny bugs keep you from enjoy what you love.

Mosquito Prevention Tips:

1. Treat or remove any standing water near your home.

Mosquitos have a 14 day breeding cycle and standing water provides mosquito with the best breeding environment. Keep outside areas like flower pots, rain gutters and garden beds dry. Not providing them with the environment they needed for breeding will help to decrease the amount of Mosquitos near your home and outdoor space.

2. Keep mosquitoes outside.

Mosquitos will find any way in they can. To keep them outside where they belong remember to keeps door and window with out a screen closed. Using a screen in your doors and windows can be the best way to enjoy the outdoor while keep your home pest free. Just make sure that those screens are free of holes or tears because mosquitoes will find their way in.

3. Use mosquito repellent.

The most effect chemical repellents are products that contain DEET, picaridin, PMD, or IR3535 insecticide, . When choosing a product check to make sure that it contains one of these ingredients. Always make sure to read and follow the product instructions for use and only use them as directed. Jonathan Day, a mosquito researcher at the University of Florida, says to concentrate the repellant on your ankles, feet, lower legs and wrists — thin-skinned spots mosquitoes love to bite.

4. Make yourself less appealing.

Scientists have done many studies on why some people get more mosquito bites than others. While no study can directly associate a cause for this occurrence they have determined there are certain things that may contribute to increasing your chance of getting bit. Drinking a 12-ounce beer makes some people more appealing, so does emitting more C02 or increased levels of bacteria on your skin, which leads to more body odor. While people with type O blood — a mosquito favorite in one study — can’t change it, they can try wearing a scent that mosquitoes dislike. While DEET has been found to be the most effective repellant, researchers at New Mexico State University found Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume effectively reduced mosquito bites for two hours , even more so than some mosquito repellents and Avon’s Skin So Soft Bath Oil, a popular mom’s remedy.

5. Try a natural repellent.

There are countless number of plants that natural repel insect that also smell and look good. Marigolds are a great addition they will add a pop of color and chase way mosquitos. Another fan favorite is sweet basil. Not only will it prevent pest but is also great in your dinner recipes. Citronella and Lemongrass are commonly used in mosquito repellant product which is why they are a great choice to add to your landscaping.



There are also many products available today that will eliminate and repel mosquitos while add to you patio décor. Such as the Thermacell, this device uses butane fuel to heat a repellent pad filled with allethrin. The heat evaporates the repellent into the air, creating a sphere of protection around you and your family.

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