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Lighting strikes twice in Tampa

Monday the Tampa Bay Lighting celebration their second Stanley Cup win with another boat parade in Tampa. Fans lined the side of the boat route down the Hillsborough River to cheer on the Bolts and catch a glimpse of the Stanley Cup trophy. The real trophy is kept at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, where it’s has resided since 1970. This is good news follow the mishap that occurred during the celebration festivities on Monday. Photos of Pat Maroon holding a dented trophy. Fortunately the one damaged during Monday’s celebration is the "Presentation Cup," according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Ironically, the Cup returned to Montreal for repairs less than a week after the Canadiens lost the five-game series to the Lightning. All good, going in for a tune-up," Cup keeper Phil Pritchard of the Hockey Hall of Fame said.

But the fun did not end there, following the boat parade the team joined fans at Julian B. Lane Riverfront park. Shortly after the Lighting rolled into the park so did the storm, and the celebration was called off early as severe storms pounded the park with dangerous lightning and heavy rain. All in all the Tampa Bay is thrilled to celebrate with the team for the second year. Now that the hockey season has end sport fan are eager to see if the Buccaneers can keep the Champa Bay name in Tampa.

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